Trade an Expensive Online Purchase Via Chat

You can usually get a discount on large purchases like home appliances or electronics, even in large stores, simply by bargaining with a sales representative . And if you’re making that purchase online, bargain finder Kyle James suggests bargaining on live chat instead.

On his Rather Be Shopping site, James says that every time you make a large purchase online, you should open a chat window and politely ask for a better price. James shows how he did it to get $ 50 off his laptop. He just asked the chat rep if they had “room to maneuver for the price.” After a couple of minutes, the representative returned to him with a better deal and asked if he wanted to pay directly via chat or just get a quote and pay via the website. Light.

To save even more, James says you should request a discount before applying any coupon codes. If you can combine both, you will save even more money. Check out his full post at the link below. He offers some additional tips and a transcript of his actual bargaining.

Frugal Tip # 30: Learn How to Negotiate a Lower Price in Chat | Shop soon


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