Answer the “greatest Weakness” Question With This Formula

What’s your biggest weakness ” can be an awkward and tedious interview question, but if a potential employer asks it, you need to be prepared. This formula will help you get ready.

It might be counterintuitive to answer a personal question with a formula and most interviewers will understand it, but a formula can help you structure your answer as you prepare for your interview. Here’s what the job site The Job Network has to offer:

pick the weakness that you have worked hard since then to turn into strength. The formula for the latter is: “Well, I noticed that I am x , so I took, so I took step y to improve, and ended up in situation z (which is infinitely better and makes you a stronger candidate for the position.).

There are three factors here: the problem, what you did to overcome it, and the result. This way, you are not shying away from the question entirely, but you are letting the interviewer know that you have the opportunity to overcome that weakness, so this is not a problem. Again, it’s not about following the formula word for word, but about structuring your own answer in a way that solves the problem.

For more tips on answering tough interview questions, check out the full article at the link below.

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