Airfare Will Drop to Lowest Level in Seven Years This Summer

Believe it or not, air tickets have become cheaper in recent years ( although surcharges are a completely different matter ). And that trend is expected to continue until the summer, when prices will be as low as they have been in the past seven years, according to flight forecasting website Hopper.

Hopper says airfares are down 12% from last year and more than 20% from two years earlier. They estimate that the average domestic flight will peak at $ 240 in June, while the same round-trip flight will cost $ 207 by September. The company’s chief analyst, Patrick Sarri, wrote:

We forecast airfares for consumers to reach $ 233 in May, up 5.6% from last month … Airfares in June will be at a seasonally lower season than since 2009. Although jet fuel is being sold at prices unseen since 2004. …

Prices will continue to rise throughout the spring during the busy summer travel season, with prices peaking at $ 240 in June.

Hopper told the Huffington Post that they researched over a trillion prices, including search data for all destinations in the United States. According to the post, their app predicts flight prices with 95% accuracy.

This should not cause much surprise – experts predict that the price of airline tickets fall thanks to airlines who are discounts. Simple carriers like Spirit have many airlines that understand that people just want to fly cheap. Thus, they lower the base ticket prices, but charge extra for those excesses. There are several other interesting data and predictions in the Hopper release, including specific destinations that are expected to drop in price this summer. See for yourself using the link below.

2016 will bring the cheapest air tickets in seven years | Bunker


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