A Jar of Rum Is the Easiest and Strongest Way to Preserve Fruit.

Picking fresh fruit is one of my favorite things to do in warm weather, but I inevitably overdo it and pick too much. A lot of excess is baked into tarts and the like, but there is an easier way to prolong the enjoyment of the fruit, and that includes rum.

As Madeline Muzzy explains in Eater , this classic German conservation method couldn’t be easier. Click below to read about the history and variations of the technique, but there is no real “recipe”. Just take fresh fruit that you have too much, remove the stems and bitter core if necessary, and cut them into small pieces. Then stir in white sugar to coat (use 1 part sugar for 2 parts fruit) and add to a 1 gallon jug or pitcher. Cover completely with rum, cover the top with plastic wrap and wait two months.

The wait is the hardest part, but you’ll be rewarded with sweet, drunken fruit that can be spooned onto ice cream, baked in crumbs, or mixed with sparkling wine for super simple yet elegant cocktails.

Rum Pot: The Easiest Way to Keep Fruit Fresh | Eater


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