Skimm Ahead Is a Subscription Calendar Filled With Interesting and Useful Events

iOS: If you’ve ever wondered when the next series or political primaries will take place, but also wanted to know when your favorite show is due to premiere, but also wanted to know when to get tickets for your favorite musician, Skimm Ahead is the app that feeds you all this in the form of a calendar.

Skimm Ahead is a new product from theSkimm, a daily newsletter packed with exciting news, events, stories and dates. Available on a $ 3 / month subscription, the calendar service should be your personal concierge, reminding you of interesting cultural, political and entertainment events before you have to think about them. That way, you’ll know when the next season of Orange Is The New Black kicks off on Netflix, or when Game of Thrones premieres right away , when is the best time to make plans for Labor Day, or when the state’s address is scheduled to air. …

However, the app isn’t perfect – the events are curated and dictated by the team behind theSkimm, which means you really don’t have a say in what’s “interesting” and worth including – at least not yet. So while it is definitely filled with information, it may not be information that you are particularly interested in or relevant to. At this point, when you sign up, you will have a month for free to check if this option is right for you. If you don’t, you have no money. In addition, the app is for iOS only, so we hope for an Android version and the ability to communicate your interests and events in the future. Until then, if you’re interested, click the link below to give it a try.

Skimm Ahead (free) | ITunes App Store via Skimm Ahead


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