Remove the Fishhook From Your Finger in Three Easy Steps

Nothing spoils a relaxing day of fishing like catching your own fishing hook. Here are two methods you can use to gently remove the hook without damaging it.

As explained in this guide from The Art of Manliness , the key to removing the fishhook is the tip at the end of the hook. To remove it from your skin, you will need to tie some line to the curved portion of the hook shaft and then press down on the eye of the hook to reduce the damage the burr will do on the way out. Keep the line taut as you press down on the eye, then tug quickly to remove the hook. It might still hurt, but this is the most effective way to do it. If the hook is really far out there, then using the push and cut technique you will have to push the hook all the way through the leather. Once that happens, you can cut off the barb and easily pull the hook through the skin.

How to Remove a Fish Hook from Your Finger: An Illustrated Guide | The art of masculinity


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