When Your Inner Critic Gets Too Negative, Replace It With a More Polite Voice.

Your inner critic can motivate you to improve your skills and achieve results, but usually negative self-talk ends up working against you. We advised you to defeat your inner critic by visualizing it , and School of Life offers another compelling suggestion: replace it with a softer voice, be it a friend, a therapist, or even some motivating text.

When you constantly tell yourself that you are a failure, it becomes second nature to you. Breaking this habit requires replacing it, which means enlisting the help of someone who can offer courteous and constructive support. The idea is somewhat obvious, but the School of Life explains in detail why and how it works, which is interesting.

In moments like this, we need an alternative voice … to remind us of the power that lies within us … which means meeting with equally convincing and confident, but also helpful and constructive voices for a long time and taking care to internalize their. These can be voices from a friend, therapist, or an author. We need to hear them often enough and deal with difficult enough issues for them to perceive normal and natural responses so that they eventually begin to feel what we are telling ourselves.

Internal criticism almost always turns into suicide, and this involves seeking external support so that learning to be kind to yourself (but still constructive) comes naturally. Watch the full video for more information.

Overcoming Bad Domestic Voices | School of Life (YouTube)


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