Parents, Try Snacks for Your Child for Safety Reasons

Some snacks sold as infant snacks can cause choking if left in their packaging for several hours. Medical researchers have figured out this fact, overlooked by multinationals, with a simple tactic: ask adults to eat this food .

The researchers found that Gerber’s melted yogurt , for example, turns into a marshmallow that is difficult to swallow when it absorbs moisture from the air. Gerber Graduates station wagon wheels are large, prickly and potentially dangerous. Lest you think the researchers are overreacting, just scroll through the comments on Gerber’s wagon wheels page. Nine out of 12 looks like this:

To study foods, the researchers asked adults to try kneading food in their mouths without using their teeth. Gerber’sfruit and vegetable pickups passed the test easily: mostly soft pieces of fruits and vegetables. Cheerios , the favorite cheap and easy snack of parents the world over, was too hard to chew but quickly softened in the mouth.

The full results have not yet been published; researchers have just presented an overview at a conference of pediatric academic societies. “I would love to encourage parents and pediatricians to try these products,” study co-author Ruth Milanaik of Cohen Children’s Medical Center said today . In other words, you don’t have to wait while scientists chew on your baby’s food. You can try it yourself.

Research Says Some Baby First Foods May Suffocate | Today


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