Choose and Upgrade the Perfect Heatsink for Your PC Building With This Video

If you want to overclock your computer , you will need to be very concerned about how much heat your processor generates. This video from LinusTechTips will help you understand how to choose the right radiator and, more importantly, how to improve the one you own.

As you can see from the video, small imperfections in the surface of the heatsink, as well as its shape, can affect heat dissipation. In particular, convex radiators have a slight advantage, while concave radiators have a disadvantage. You can also use a process called lapping to improve a radiator that has many defects. Not everyone will notice the difference – LinusTechTips tried this and found exactly zero change – but that might just mean you have a good heatsink. One that has disadvantages that interfere with the contact between the drain and the processor can be improved with a lapping process.

Lapping CPU and Heatsink – Are Concave, Convex, or Flat Heatsinks Best for Cooling? | LinusTech Tips


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