“To Get What You Want, You Deserve What You Want.”

“Trust, success and admiration are well deserved.” This is a lesson from the above quote from investment expert Charlie Munger. As simple as it is, it is worth repeating.

The quote is fromMunger ‘sopening speech at the University of Southern California School of Law in 2007, transcribed at Farnam Street:

It’s such a simple idea. This is, so to speak, the golden rule: you want to deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end. In my opinion, there is no ideal that would be better for any lawyer or any other person. By and large, people who adhere to this spirit win in life, and they win not only money, not only honors. They win the respect, the well-deserved trust of the people with whom they deal, and you can get great pleasure in life by gaining the well-deserved trust.

It is a welcome reminder that not only do we usually “reap what we sow,” but that respect and success come from reflection and empathy for others.

There are so many other great tips in the talk cited, including solving problems by thinking backwards , being reliable and objective, and avoiding working with people you don’t admire.

Munger Operating System: How To Live A Truly Working Life | Farnam Street


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