Plan a Social Rebuff When You Decide to Go About Your Duty

Planning to pay off debt in the long term is good for you. It will also likely require some lifestyle changes. Don’t expect everyone in your social circle to be happy about this change.

As personal finance site The Frugal Farmer points out, every financial change you make comes with a social cost. Saving money can mean fewer bar visits or skip the next big show. You might not expect someone to get you in trouble because you decided to pay off your credit card, but they might get a little upset if this happens at the expense of what you usually do with them:

Some of your friends and family will genuinely support you on your journey to freeing yourself from debt. Others will ridicule you, turn away from you, and criticize you. It’s just the way it is.

The reasons for this are not as important as your willingness to choose the path that is best for you, no matter what others think. When you win with money, you show it to them. We learned to say hard, “Fuck them,” and do what was right for us, but it was worth it.

Of course, you shouldn’t let the social pressures of others dictate your actions, but it’s good to expect it. You may be able to reduce stress by planning other, more budget-friendly activities related to your social group. Other times, you may really need to defend your position and insist on what’s best for you. Either way, when you make changes to your life within your budget, expect a reaction from those closest to you. Hopefully it will be positive, but don’t be surprised if you have any objections.

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