Make Sonic Drive-in Style Soft Crushed Ice With Club Soda

People love Sonic Drive-In crushed ice so much that they buy it in sacks. If you want the same soft ice that cools your drink and is great for chewing, you can make it at home with this easy trick.

As Food52’s Amanda Sims explains, soft crushed ice is different from regular crushed ice. It has lots of tiny holes in it, making it more slush-like and easier to chew. To make soft crushed ice at home, buy two large liters of soda and freeze it in ice cube trays. Carbonation traps the bubbles in the ice cubes, making it ideally aerated and “soft”. When ice has formed, pour it onto a clean towel, fold and crush with a rolling pin or other heavy tool. Now you have super soft crushed ice that turns any soda drink into a summer shake.

The secret of making soft crushed ice for juleps | Food52


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