Hang Shower Trays on Hooks for Instant Bathroom Storage

Shower racks usually hang from shower heads to add useful storage space in the bathroom, but you can also use them outside of the shower. Simply attach a few Command adhesive hooks to the wall and hang the cage anywhere you need extra space.

Amy from The Crazy Craft Lady tried this and found that 3M Command hooks ( from Amazon , for example) hold well and carry the weight of the caddies. Find the best spot for the hooks by holding the empty shower stall against the wall at a height that is comfortable for you and mark it with a pencil point. If more than one person is using the shower, everyone can place their trolley at the height that suits them best. This way, everyone has enough room to keep all of their bathroom supplies close at hand, and you don’t have to move around a bunch of bottles every time you clean the bath. Organizing Bathrooms at Dollar Store | Crazy Lady Craftsman


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