See How Your Government Representatives Voted on Issues Using This Tool

Do you know how your elected government representatives voted on the bills and bills they sponsored? It’s easy to find out with a ProPublica representative.

The website provides detailed information on bills, how representatives voted on them, and the most recent major votes. You can search bills by category such as civil rights, energy, or health, and find your legislators by zip code or name. As you browse through the legislator, you’ll find details such as a person’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, the most common topics of bills, accounts sponsored and sponsored, and how he or she voted comparing the party’s position.

After submitting this project to the New York Times, ProPublica added more details and APIs for developers to use. They plan to add even more data in the future. All in all, it’s a great tool for becoming more informed voters – a new way, as the ProPublica blog says , to keep track of who you represent in Congress.

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