Save Tons of Money on Ballpark Tickets by Avoiding Free Games

Traveling to the stadium is a long tradition that the whole family can enjoy, but tickets can be very expensive. To save as much as possible, you need to take a look at your favorite team’s schedule and do a little research.

MLB teams play over 160 games each season, so there are plenty of opportunities to go watch the game. However, as MoneyNing’s Jeremy Hartley explains, some of these games will cost you a lot more. Why? Because they give out memorabilia that everyone wants to wear. This is why Hartley suggests that you avoid these games if you want to keep:

If you click on your team’s schedule, you will find the draw schedule somewhere nearby. Giveaway games are tagged, so stay away from these giveaway nights if you’re looking for a deal like this. When the schedule comes out (usually in winter), I take out my calendar, look for nights without promotions, and pick up tickets early. It helps me avoid impulsive shopping and helps my wife plan the babysitting outing.

And, as with airline tickets, the sooner you can plan it, the better. Ticket prices will rise in the days leading up to the game, so think ahead. This advice may seem obvious to people who frequent baseball games (or any other professional sports game), but everyone should keep this in mind when looking for tickets. Alternatively, Hartley also invites you to go on certain giveaways nights and resell the merchandise – like the ever popular idiot – and get a sizable chunk of your money back.

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