Please Check the Wedding Venue Rules Before Inviting Children.

Even if you don’t mind guests bringing their children to the wedding, your meeting place may not be suitable. A surprisingly large number of locations have restrictions on children being indoors or unattended, so be sure to check them before sending out wedding invitations.

Read the venue agreement carefully or take a few minutes to check it. Do this before booking or before sending out invitations to avoid unnecessary stress for you and your guests on your wedding day. Commentator ThePianoHasBeenDrinking over at Apartment Therapy explains that they faced such a restriction in their establishment:

That being said, if you definitely want children to attend, be sure to check your venue’s child policy (if any). For example, next year I am getting married, and the contract with our institution states that any parents who leave their children unattended will receive a warning the first time. After that, they will be asked to leave. This makes sense to me, since the owner of the establishment does not want to be held responsible if something happens to an unattended child.

Other places may not allow children at all during ceremonies. Children tend to wander around, so even if parents don’t want to leave their children unattended, they can still do it. How to accommodate (many) small children during the wedding? | Apartment therapy


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