Moog Model 15 Synthesizer Puts $ 10,000 Synthesizer Into IPad App

iOS: The Moog Modular Model 15 is one of the most popular Moog synthesizers, but it has a retail price of about $ 10,000, which is too expensive for most of us. If you have an iPad, you can buy a digital game for $ 30.

The Model 15 application repeats the steps of applications such as the Korg MS-20, where it is a digital copy of an analog synthesizer. We’ve seen loads of apps like this before, and most of them perform much better than you’d expect . This means you’ll find plenty of knobs, switches, and buttons alongside breakout cables to control your audio. You get the same modules as on the real Model 15, an oscillator bank, low / high pass filters, a filter module, a delay block, a loop recorder, and an input (this time it works with MIDI / inter-audio.). You can scale different elements to suit your needs, which means the app is a little easier to use than a real device.

If you’re not very interested in messing around, there are tons of presets here too, and you can customize as many as you like. The Model 15 app works well considering it’s a touchscreen, so if you’re worried about wasting $ 30 on a poorly crafted app, rest assured it performs much better than you’d expect. However, while the app is versatile, I wouldn’t bother with the iPhone because it’s too small. An iPad or iPad Pro is much better suited.

Model 15 ($ 29.99) | ITunes App Store


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