How to Shop Safely and Save Money at the Dollar Store

Dollar shops are cheap, but spending money there is easier than you think. Without vigilance, you will get spoiled goods, unpleasant food, and the last chips on the best goods. Every dollar store is different, but these strategies will save you money and keep you safe.

Find store hotspots and find out their delivery schedule

As with the warehouse club store, the dollar store’s inventory is constantly changing. One week they will have the product in one place, and the next week it will move or disappear. That is why A.B. Welch , author of How To Shop With Most Organic Products in 99 Cents Stores , invites you to go through the store plan and find hotspots. New products are always on display in these places. Once you know where they are, you can head straight for them as you shop and buy new items before they disappear. If you find a really good deal, hit it while the iron is hot and grab what you need. Dollar Shop items vary by location and change over time. With the exception of a few products, if something is missing, chances are it’s gone forever.

Welch also recommends that you look into the dollar store’s shipping schedule, especially if you ever want to buy groceries or other perishable items. Ask a manager or employee when shipments usually arrive and when is the best time to look for new items. A little scouting work can go a long way in a dollar store.

Visit your dollar store website

When you think about shopping online, you probably don’t think about dollar stores, but you should. Some dollar stores will allow you to buy in bulk from their websites, and they will usually have up-to-date information about the products they sell. For example,Dollar General allows you to order food individually on their website , and you can find coupons that you can download or print to save more in stores. Family Dollar has a completely new product section based on your location . And on the website of 99 ยข Only have a blog / video blog, which focuses on what’s new in their stores, and provides tips on saving money and finding the best products.

In addition, these websites will provide product recall notices and other security information if you are concerned about a questionable product you bought there. So before heading to your favorite dollar store, take a look at their website.

Read everything carefully before buying

Not everything in the dollar store is worth a dollar. As Alice Garbarini Hurley points out, only a few items in dollar stores actually cost a dollar or less. Other merchandise, such as chocolate bars, snacks, and cereals, actually cost more per ounce at the dollar store than at the supermarket. Always double check the price of an item before mindlessly checking, assuming that whatever you’ve taken is worth just a dollar. Look at the price tag or unit price and compare the quantity you get to the price you pay.

When checking prices, be sure to explore other qualities as well. Know the difference between a cheap item and a cheap item. Look for damage, check expiration dates where important , and always check product packaging. Dollar stores mostly sell surplus goods that other stores or distributors cannot unload elsewhere, so they are not very careful about these surplus goods. Make sure the wrappers are not torn, there are no holes in the boxes, and the cans are not punctured.


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