Always Dry Your Knives After Washing so They Don’t Get Sharp or Rusty.

Your knives are some of the most important and most used tools in your kitchen, so you need to take care of them as best you can. For both safety and maintenance reasons, make sure you always dry your knives after washing them.

You probably already know that knives need to be sharpened and kept out of the dishwasher. However, after hand washing the knives, do not simply air dry. Water, the tasting chart points out, can rust or dull them faster – or blacken with carbon steel knives, according to Cook’s Illustrated .

It only takes a couple of seconds to dry the knives and keep them in their best shape. If you forget about it and there are rust stains on your knives, get rid of them with lemon juice . However, it is best to avoid this problem altogether.

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