Revive Old Corn Tortillas by Dipping in Cold Water Before Reheating

Corn tortillas are delicious, but if yours are a little stale, spice them up by quickly dipping them in cold water before reheating in a skillet or wok . They come alive in seconds and you have warm fluffy tortillas perfect for wrapping or filling.

The video above is old, but a good demonstration of the method. Quickly dip each tortilla in cold water right before placing it in the nonstick skillet for about 30 seconds to warm up. Turn the tortilla over when it’s warmed up on one side and cook on the other for a few more seconds. Place them on a towel to trap the steam, and reheat the tortillas completely while maintaining moisture. Fast, easy and simple.

How to Warm Corn Tortillas Properly | Serious Food (YouTube)


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