How to Prepare for Layoff, Breakfast Foods From Around the World, and Northern Lights From Space

This week, Brain Buffet talks about what to do if you’re about to be picked up at work, why it seems like so many celebrities are dying in 2016, Google’s new hardware division, and more.

How to prepare if you think you are about to be fired or fired

More on Quora, this thread presents a very important question – one we talked about earlier , only now in a more practical, correct, now this: What should you do if you think you are going to be fired or fired?

The answers are great overall, but this one from Karen Theede really touches on an important point:

Get your personal belongings out of the office and from your hard drive. I got fired, fired and sold, and the last time was the easiest because all 8000 of us foresaw it.

It was sad to hear that some people lost information that would be useful to them, that they could not get rid of hard drives in time. (This was a little before everyone had Internet on their phones or cloud backups.)

I cleaned up my office over Thanksgiving weekend, and the following Monday I got fired. It became much easier for me to carry only severance pay out of the office, rather than looking for boxes with many other people in the same boat.

Someone has already taken my computer stand out of my cube.

Some people follow a simple rule – never keep more things on your desk than can fit in one box, which you can carry away at any time. After all, you don’t know what’s going to happen, and your company is definitely not your friend . You might get a warning when something is about to change, or maybe you walk away on your terms, but the last thing you want is to be fired or fired and have a ton of your personal property or data that you would preferred to sit in his office or on a corporate computer. You are lucky to see them again someday.

Another answer, made by Christine Ricks in the same conversation, is also a bulleted list of good tips – back up your personal data, email, contacts, and the like. Remove personal bookmarks, passwords, software, or any other accounts on company equipment. Start moving your personal belongings home. Something like that. Be sure to check out the entire thread, it’s worth reading. [ via Quora ]

Common (and unusual) breakfast foods around the world

In their Around 8 AM series, the Lucky Peach team discusses the culture of breakfast around the world, from the iconic LA avocado toast and Texas breakfast tacos to the more interesting Iranian morning bread and tea, and black and black tea. , you will find hearty bread in Russia in the morning. Breakfast traditions all over the world are some common, others more … unusual (sheep placenta in China?) And less popular, but they are all interesting.

Lucky Peach becomes a frequent contributor to these reviews, but for good reason. Click here for the big link, then scroll down and select the country or culture you want to know more about. [ via Lucky Peach ]

How One Dish Keeps a Japanese Restaurant Running for 250 Years

Tradition has a lot to say, especially when the tradition really serves a purpose rather than a narrow way of thinking. At Tamahide Restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, people line up for hours to sit down and enjoy one very specific, very Japanese dish – oyako-don – or, as Bon Appetit describes it in this article , “two kinds of slow-cooked chicken fire. – salted soy sauce-based sukiyaki broth, seasoned with choux and served in a bowl of rice. “

Sounds delicious, but the main takeaway from this video is not the food, but the sense of respect for tradition that Chef Yamada Kosuke has in both cooking and maintaining what was great at his family restaurant when he opened 250 years ago, slightly older than the United States of America. The restaurant invented its famous dish just 130 years ago, when royalty and the wealthy elite ate more at its restaurant than ordinary people – but times change and the restaurant has changed to match the times and new customers – but one thing hasn’t changed. the standards of Kosuke and its famous dish have changed.

Thevideo here depicts a real star following Kosuke and his co-workers, as well as a couple for whom Tamahide is a very important element in their life. Give him a watch. [ via Bon Appetit ]

Google launches its own hardware division to work with Nexus, Pixel and other devices

If you were discouraged when Google announced the sale of Motorola to Lenovo in 2014 (I know it was), fear not – Google is bringing back former Motorola chief Rick Osterloch to head up their new hardware and other gadgets division. – reports The Next Web . The new group will spearhead the Nexus program, Pixel program, Google Glass and several other hardware projects scattered around the company. Nest, interestingly, will not turn on.

While that probably doesn’t mean we’ll see Google build their own Nexus phones again, it does mean they’ll have even more room to say about the Nexus lineup and hopefully a more unified approach to some of Google’s complementary devices. Scattershot. (remember Nexus Player? or Nexus Q?) [ via The Next Web ]

Why so many celebrities die in 2016

It looks like 2016 isn’t over yet, but we’ve lost some great artists, musicians, actors, and more. Prince was one of the most recent, but he was far from alone: ​​Billy Paul, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Maurice White, Doris Roberts, the list goes on. So why does it seem that so many famous and noteworthy people die this year?

DNews explains that there are a number of factors , including demographics and overall progress as our superstars age:

Baby boomers are getting old. In the United States, 76.4 million people, or 24 percent of the total population, are from the generation born between 1946 and 1964. In 2016, these people were between the ages of 52 and 70. Prince is part of this generation. as well as UK-born Bowie, Rickman and many other notable losses this year.

When you look at the top 10 causes of death by age group as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (PDF), ages 1 to 45, the leading causes of death tend to be “unintentional injury”, “homicide.” and “suicide”. From the age of 45, the list is headed by “malignant neoplasms”, or cancer, and “heart disease”. The number of lives lost only increases with the age group.

A generation as large as baby boomers will naturally have their own proportionate contingent of famous people who now find themselves in the same conditions as their contemporaries.

In short, we are at the tail end of a generation of people – and their slightly younger contemporaries – who are just getting old and starting to die because of the same things that most of us in these age groups do. It’s sad but true – and this isn’t a curse or any other celebrity prank. [ via DNews ]

The northern lights from space look amazing

Finally, to have a good week, it’s worth checking outthis beautiful HD video of the northern lights as seen from the International Space Station. Seriously, expand it full screen, stream it to your HDTV, hit the play button, sit back and just watch the wonder of nature for a bit, then continue your day contemplating its beauty. I promise you will get better. [ viaNASA ]

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