Carrot “Lox” Is a Delicious Vegetarian Bagel.

When it comes to delicious bagel toppings, nothing beats sucker, but it can be quite expensive and not really for everyone. To make a non-fishy but still smoky-sweet salmon-like topping, you’ll need to toast some carrots.

The carrot lox was first spotted by Food 52 kitchen manager Caitlin Bray at Stonefruit Espresso in Brooklyn. According to Bray, the carrots are strikingly similar to the real ones:

The carrots are still slightly crunchy, but they really do resemble smoked fish, not creepy artificially cooked meat. Combined with horseradish sour cream with spices, capers, dill, radishes and raw onions, it looks like real (and maybe even better).

Food 52 then decided to create their own recipe, testing different cooking methods and ingredients until they got a carrot sucker that they loved. To make the carrots smooth, slice them lengthwise and massage lightly with salt, pepper, liquid smoke and sugar until they are nice and soft. Brush the slices with egg and lemon zest, cover and bake at 350 ° C until soft. The egg may sound a little odd, but it creates a nice, soft and sweet layer on the outside of the carrot. If you want a vegan-friendly dish (or just don’t like eggs), you can add some chickpea water .

After your lox is not done, cover it with your favorite bagel with good cream cheese and capers. I know orange carrots will look best, but there is something very appealing about trying them with purple or rainbow carrots. Rainbow carrots make things a little more fun.

What looks like lox and tastes like lox but is made from carrots? | Food 52


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