The Post Office Just Cut the Price of Stamps

The US Postal Service recently cut prices and now the standard first class stamp costs $ 0.47. According to USA Today, this is the first drop in 100 years. It’s a small difference, but if you’re thrifty it might be time to stock up on Forever brands.

Prices dropped over the weekend and the USPS announced the following changes in a press release:


Mandatory abbreviation

Letters (1 oz)

49 cents

47 cents

Letters – extra ounces

22 cents

21 cent

Letters to all countries of the world

USD 1.20

$ 1.15


35 cents

34 cents

The USPS says they expect to lose $ 2 billion a year from this change, which was sanctioned by the Postal Regulatory Commission. After the recession, the USPS was allowed to raise prices slightly to offset losses, but now the PRC is canceling the change. The postal service informs:

“The postal bailout last year only partially mitigated our steep, multi-year decline in revenue as a result of the Great Recession, which surpassed $ 7 billion in 2009 alone,” said Postmaster General and CEO Megan J. Brennan. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) is demanding that the required 4.3% surcharge be lifted after the Postal Service collected additional fees totaling $ 4.6 billion.

Obviously, price declines are infrequent, so perhaps now is the time to buy Forever brands that maintain their value despite future price increases. If you’re curious, you can stay up to date with stamps prices at . To find out more about this change, see the link below.

Postal service for the first time in 100 years has reduced the rates for mail


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