Take Any Bunch of Greens and Make a Bright Soup for Dinner

I’m a big fan of hearty greens. They are great for rice bowls and chips and make a nice crunchy crust, but these leafy parts of the plant can also be turned into a bright and tasty soup.

Seriously, you can use any green color, so just grab a bunch of what’s out there and go crazy. However, as with any food high in chlorophyll, there are a few steps you must take to avoid ending up with a bowl of herbal-flavored liquid liquid. To keep the soup warm and tasty rather than a hot smoothie, you need a little help from aromas, herbs, and starch. It’s kind of an adventurous situation with a choice of tastes. A small onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, or a small bunch of spring bulbs such as green onions or young leeks are all great options. Bring your favorite herbs there too, I love rosemary or even lemon sorrel. Use potatoes for starch. You can also use a couple tablespoons of rice, but potatoes are much more fun.

Click the link below for full instructions and accurate measurements, but once you’ve gathered your generous greens (and potatoes!), You’ll strip the leaves from the stems and blanch them for a few minutes in boiling water. Take them out and place them in some ice-cold water, setting aside the cooking water for later. Saute the onions in some tasty oil, cook until soft. Add the rest of the herbs (stir until wilted), the chopped potatoes, the chopped greens, and some of the cooking water. Simmer until the starch is completely cooked, let cool and stir! Top with something creamy (like homemade crème fraîche ) and something crunchy like croutons.

Turn Any Bunches Of Greens Into Live Soup | Food 52


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