You Can Still Use Night Shift and Low Power Mode at the Same Time With Siri Glitch

Last month, we showed off an easy way to enable the popular Night Shift and Low Power modes in iOS at the same time. Apple fixed this glitch with iOS 9.3.1, but YouTuber iDeviceHelp indicates they’ve introduced another one.

Again, you will be using Siri to make this mode work. However, this time, the process is a little convoluted:

  1. Go to the settings panel for Night Shift under Settings> Display & Brightness> Night Shift.
  2. Press and hold the Home button to summon Siri.
  3. Ask Siri to “Turn on Low Power Mode.” When it’s on, press the Home button to return to the Night Shift Settings panel.
  4. Click Turn On Until Tomorrow to turn on the night shift.

Low power mode and night shift are now enabled at the same time. It’s hard to say exactly how much power Night Shift is consuming, but if you enjoy using both of these options at the same time, at least you can do so now.

Turn on Night Shift and Low Power Mode iOS 9.3.1 | Youtube


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