WINGiT Helps You Find Things to Do in Big Cities Based on Social Media

Internet / iOS / Android: Finding cool activities in any number of popular cities is easy enough. However, these events often attract tourists. WINGiT helps you explore the city like a local by sharing what’s going on through millions of social media posts.

The free app analyzes messages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts to create a list of activities for a range of different cities around the world. As you can imagine, it can be accidental or unfortunate (just because a group of people is doing something doesn’t mean you want to do it), but it’s a fun way to see what people are doing in every city other than the obvious.

It’s also in real time, so you get up-to-date deals on everything from concerts to art gallery openings and discounted hot spots. It displays the points so you can narrow them down by area.

See for yourself using the links below.


WINGiT | Apple Store

WINGiT | Google games


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