Loosen the Nuts on Really Long Bolts With a DIY PVC Socket Wrench

When the bolt is really long, removing the nut from the bolt can be very difficult. You cannot use a regular socket wrench, and if there is not enough space around the bolt, you cannot use any more. This DIY PVC tool should help.

In this YouTube video Shake the Future, you will learn a clever trick to make it easier to remove nuts from long bolts. Take a very long piece of PVC pipe that is slightly smaller than the bolt you need to remove. Heat the end of the pipe with a heat gun, candle or lighter, then shape the moldable PVC on the nut exactly the same size as the one you need to remove. When it cools down, remove the nut and you have a tool that can loosen the nuts on just about any bolt length. You can also attach it to a drill to make loosening and tightening easier.

Remove nut or bolt with PVC pipe | Youtube


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