In Fact, It’s a Kind of Selfishness When You’re Uncomfortable Selling Your Products.

Selling things isn’t always natural for everyone. This is doubly true for freelancers or people who have to sell their work. If you’re having trouble, keep in mind: Selling is not about you.

As marketer Ben Angel explains, selling something is a conversation between you and the customer. When you focus on your own fears and discomforts, you pay less attention to what the client needs. In a way, this is selfish! While this discomfort is natural, it also bothers the person you are talking to.

Clients come to you with a need, so they are clients from the very beginning. This need should usually outweigh any discomfort you have. Of course, knowing this won’t magically get you rid of it, but it should help you get some perspective. If they weren’t at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer, they wouldn’t be your customers to begin with. Watch the full video at the source link below to learn more on this topic.

Why do you hate to sell? Because you are selfish. | Businessman


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