Create Your Own Privacy Folding Screen With Multiple Interior Door Slabs

Privacy folding screens are versatile, useful pieces of furniture that can transform your living space. Moreover, they are easy to make. All you need is three simple interior door slabs and a few hinges.

This DIY lesson is provided through Apartment Therapy. They use simple hollow wood interior doors from Home Depot. These cabinet doors work well, but you can also use thick plywood. From there, all you need are four narrow brass hinges and wallpaper if you like.

Prepare the slabs with wallpaper (or even paint), then screw the hinges to the panels. You can stack the two panels on top of each other, screw on the hinges, then add a third panel and screw the hinges on the opposite side of the stack. Apartment Therapy illustrates this with a diagram in the full post, which you can check out at the link below.

How To Make A Quick And Easy Folding Room Screen | Apartment therapy


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