Top 10 Easy DIY Bathroom Renovation Projects

Bathroom: This may not be your favorite room in your home, but it is definitely important. Use your DIY skills to improve the organization and functionality of your bathroom by upgrading it at a fraction of the cost. Here are 10 suggested projects that almost everyone can do.

Some of the projects below require more DIY or workshop skills than others, but most will only take hours or even minutes. The linked sites also have helpful instructions in the articles below.

10. Build a cabinet drawer in about an hour.

Instead of kneeling and trying to reach the back of the cabinet, make a cabinet drawer . The best thing about this project is that you can customize it to suit the needs of your organization, for example with multiple shelves or to fit a custom-width cabinet. Another option is to put a drop-down shelf in the closet , which also provides easy access to all your toiletries and the like.

9. Create a foldable plate organizer to tidy up a cluttered bathroom counter.

Bathroom racks can quickly become cluttered. Store all your belongings off the counter and arrange beautifully with the stackable plate organizer . You can buy one, but since we’re talking DIY today, consider making your own DIY tiered tray . (The video on this link doesn’t work, however the instructions are pretty simple: glue the plates and candlesticks together.)

8. Control cords with PVC pipes installed.

Cords are just as uncomfortable in the bathroom as they are in the workplace. Tame them by attaching PVC pipes to your cabinet door and you can easily store curling irons and other such gadgets. If you don’t like the looks of PVC, a mesh file box or magazine holder can neatly accommodate all of these hair fixtures in your bathroom.

7. Add cable lighting under the bathroom cabinet.

Night trips to the toilet can be dangerous when you are traveling in the dark. Use rope lighting underneath cabinets to avoid injuring your toes and to give you just as much light as you need without waking you up completely.

6. Build a bathroom storage cabinet with a full-length mirror.

This one might not be for small bathrooms, but if your bathroom can accommodate it, you can add a lot more storage space with this combination mirror and cabinet . All consumables are less than $ 100, and you can squeeze the cabinet into the wall for more space savings.

5. Add a second shower rail for additional storage in the bathroom.

It’s almost as easy as it would be with a DIY project: grab a stretch shower bar, add a few hooks and baskets, and in about five minutes, you’ll have a lot more storage space in the tub. The second shower rail can also be used to dry towels and swimwear.

4. Make your own bathroom rug.

If you have a collection of dusty wine corks, turn them into a soft, mildew-resistant bathroom rug . Instead, you can put the corks on the edge to make them look different. If you don’t like wine corks, you can make a stone bath mat with river stones for a spa-like effect and the feeling of walking along a rocky beach.

3. Place the mason jars over the sink.

If you have bathroom items that you want to keep close at hand without cluttering the countertop, grab some good old stone jars. Secure them with cable ties to a wooden plank for a simple yet attractive storage solution. They are easy to clean and remove, and the colored glass jars can be used to match your bathroom d├ęcor.

2. Create your own smart mirror based on Android

With a two-way mirror and an Android device, you can create your own futuristic mirror that displays information such as calendar appointments and weather when you brush your teeth in the morning or evening. It may sound like a daunting project, but the guide posted on Adafruit says this is a beginner project, even if you’ve never done Android development before.

1. Upgrade your plumbing.

Finally, arguably the fastest and easiest way to upgrade your bathroom if you have basic home improvement skills : Upgrade your plumbing, such as replacing the faucet, or install a new shower head (maybe a rain shower head from a CD spindle? ). You may even be able to upgrade these fixtures if you are a renter . You may be surprised at how much these small details can change your bathroom. You don’t have to spend a lot to tidy up this important room.

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Illustration by Fruzhina Kuhari.

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