Choose the Perfect Side-Gist With These Five Questions

If you’re looking for a way to make some money on the side , there are a variety of options, from starting a blog to renting out your stuff . Whatever your concert or “side hustle,” these five questions will help you make sure it fits your lifestyle and goals.

David Carlson, personal finance writer and author of Hustle Away Debt , says the key to making your side job work is to come up with a plan. Here are five questions he suggests asking himself:

  1. How long do I plan to do this side job? Is this a short term plan or are you looking forward to a long time? If it’s short term, you probably won’t want to choose a job that requires a lot of upfront investment, like launching a website.
  2. What’s my ultimate goal with the side hustle and bustle? Are you looking to start a new career or are you just trying to save money for a specific purpose?
  3. How much time per week do you do this side hustle and bustle? Do you have time for this? What will you do if it takes more of your time than you expected?
  4. How can I free up time for this side hustle and bustle? As in the previous case, how do you plan to allocate space for this work in your schedule? If you only plan to work at night, you may find it difficult to walk your dogs, for example.
  5. How long will I practice before I allow myself to consider quitting smoking? Carlson recommends setting some boundaries here. “If I don’t make money by ____, I’ll consider quitting.” Or “I will do this side job for ____ months before I decide to quit.”

As you try to choose the right job, these questions will help you work through the process and choose the one that makes sense for your situation. Plus, you will be on your way to formulating a plan to achieve your goal.

Hustle Away Debt | David Carlson (Amazon)

Photo by Torsten Scholz .


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