Eat This Much: Automatic Meal Scheduling on Android

Android: Eat This Much, the previously mentioned meal planning app that automatically generates menus and shopping lists for you, was previously iOS only. It is now available for Android as well, and has brought along some useful new features.

The app still works the same way it always does: you can provide Eat This Much with some basic information about the type of diet you are trying to follow, be it high protein, low carb, vegetarian, paleo, keto, etc. ., And the service will issue a shopping list and meal plan for all of your meals throughout the week. You can even tweak this meal plan (to some extent, premium users get the most control, and more in an instant) to swap foods you don’t like, to minimize the frequency of certain meals being offered to you. and even add items to your pantry, so Eat This Much tries to use what you have before suggesting you buy anything else.

Since we last mentioned it, the service has added thousands of new recipes, updated its interface, and added branded foods to its database so you can eat your favorites or get some of your favorite foods suggested to you when it makes up your menu.

The app is still shareware, which means there are many great features available in the free version, and there are more of them now than before. For example, some features like blocking certain products, custom recipes, etc., were previously only available to the premium class, but are now available to everyone. However, premium users get the option to use a weekly planner, which unlocks the ability to plan meals for each day of the week, make grocery lists based on your mixed and comparable menu, and customize leftovers so you don’t get a lunch recipe. the next day after a hearty lunch. The premium subscription costs $ 9 per month or $ 84 per year, and each user gets a free trial so you can see if the premium works for you before you pay. Follow the link below to check out the Android app or simply find out more.

Eat That Much (Free) | Google Play via Eat This Much


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