Keep Patches Handy in the Kitchen in Case of Cuts.

You have food being cooked on the stove, you grind more ingredients to add to the dish … and you cut yourself. Now you have to make a mad rush to the bathroom. Or you can just leave the patches in the kitchen and save time and grief.

Cuts, burns and scrapes are common in the kitchen . So why not have first aid supplies on hand? In The Kitchn, commentator CowtownGirl88 suggests keeping patches in the kitchen in addition to other places where they already have:

[I keep] a container of plaster in the kitchen (in my drawer of “other not quite kitchen stuff” next to the sink). I’ve rarely needed an adhesive plaster for reasons other than the kitchen, and it’s nice that I don’t have to rush to the bathroom to plug the notch from a slipped knife, etc.

Finger covers or disposable gloves are also a good idea. Now you can rinse the wound and bandage without leaving the dishes unattended for long. You will also reduce the risk of bleeding on the way to the medicine cabinet and clutter. It won’t save you a lot of time, but if you’re cooking something, every moment counts.

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