Starz Launches Streaming Service With Original Shows and Big Movies for $ 8.99 Per Month

Android / iOS / Internet: Obviously, you need more subscription services in your life. Stars are here to help. The company announced that it is launching a new service for $ 8.99 to stream its original shows as well as all films it licenses directly to you.

While Starz doesn’t have the same power as Netflix, you are probably aware of some of its content. In the early days of Netflix, the licensing deal with Starz brought Netflix a lot of high-profile films that you would really want to watch. This partnership has ended, but Starz still has an impressive library.

Currently starring roles in Stars’ films include Ant-Man , Inside Out, and Guardians of the Galaxy . You can also find old films worth watching, such as The Shawshank Redemption or The Prestige . Starz usually gets by by licensing their library for other services – for example, when they allowed Amazon Prime users to buy Starz as an add-on for $ 8.99 a month – but now that you can pay them directly to do so, you have another option for search for a ton of awesome movies in one place without intermediaries.

Well, sort of. For some reason, Starz does not yet allow you to register directly through their website. If you want to register, you need to download the Android or iOS app and subscribe to the respective stores for each platform. After that, you can log into your account on any device, including the Internet.

Starz | Google Play Store via The Verge

Starz | ITunes App Store



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