Organize Lunch Exchange at Work and You Will Always Have Delicious Homemade Meals

Delicious, hearty work lunches are the key to getting ahead during the workday, and Epicurious has a great idea for five meals a week. This is called “sharing lunch,” and it will change your afternoon meal.

The concept, similar to the ” family meal ” that restaurant employees eat before serving, is quite simple. Just gather your favorite colleagues and prepare meals for each other. You can do this in two ways: a casual lunch with alternating main courses and side dishes, or have one person prepare lunch for the whole group once a week. Yes, making five dinners is technically more difficult than making one, but I actually prefer to make a large batch of something and share it than make a large batch of something and eat alone at my table for five days in a row. Plus, it means you only have to worry about packing lunch once a week, which really frees you up.

Check out the link below for recipes and theme ideas, but the key to keeping it enjoyable and relaxing is not to try to get complicated. I can think of a few better things than eating good bread with cheese, meat and accessories together, and I bet your coworkers won’t mind either.

How Sharing Lunches Can Change Your Life | Epic


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