Challenge Yourself and Always Be a Beginner

Getting used to a routine and building rituals for yourself is good for you, but if you want inspiration for personal growth, making it a challenge to always be new to something – whether it’s a new hobby, skill, language, or academic subject – is a great place to start. …

No matter where you are in life, finding a new hobby or activity you are new to will help you stay energized, keep your brain active and active, and encourage you to grow and develop in new ways every day. In the interview below, Dr. Chris Dionigi explains to NPR that he believes that if you challenge something new that excites you, you will lead a more unusual life.

For example, you can start with something you’ve always wondered about, like learning a new language or starting a new sport, all of which will keep you interested in something new, passionate about your life, and a constant state of personal growth and development. … development. Learning new things can be difficult, but the pay off is by discovering a new hobby or developing a new skill that enriches you on a personal level.

8 Ways To Survive – And Succeed – Middle Age | NPR


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