Break Through Creative Blocks by “just Holding On”

There are dozens of specific life hacks, tips, and tricks to help you overcome your creative hurdles, but this Science of Us New York Magazine video serves as an important reminder that the best and easiest thing to do when you’re stuck is just keep creating.

“Just keep going ,” the video says. This sounds like obvious advice, but I have come to the conclusion that he is secretly genius and truthful. Every time I hit a giant wall in my letter (which happens more often than I can admit), I am tempted to stop and pray for the best later; but I’ve found that things often change for the better when I just press long enough to allow myself to get to those aha! breakout moments.

So while the basic message of the video is surprisingly simple, it’s a good reminder to really put the time and energy into finding solutions instead of giving up too early. Of course, it is sometimes helpful to take a break and come back to the problem later. In general, however, it is more important that you continue to do this.

How To Defeat Creative Blocks | New York Magazine


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