Anonymously Compares Your Salary to the Salaries of Others in Your Industry

The first step to making sure you get paid fairly is to know how much your peers are making, and while many sites provide some information on this topic, Comparably does so anonymously and confidentially. You have to pass on some general data about your job in order to get started, but once you get started, everything will become clear.

The service works like this: you are not asked to provide information about your company, your name, position or anything else, but you are asked about your work and some details about your company (for example, how much money they raised, regardless of whether it is publicly available) , your rank and salary, how long have you been at work, etc.). Once you provide this information – and believe me, I was skeptical, to convey so many things before they sign up and see anything – you really get a wealth of information about what other people in the same field paid with the same experience.

You can sign up on LinkedIn (I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to stay anonymous), but I tried it with an email address (thrown away of course) and it worked great. The amount of information you provide may technically identify you or your company, but the founders have assured me that the information they use is intended to create a profile of the industry as a whole, and not to identify specific companies. However, once you have your numbers, you can check various cities across the country to see how well you will perform in a specific market, or simply view statistics collected from site users across the country.

Most of the positions are in technical areas (remember to select “other” and enter it if yours is not in the dropdown list), but there is data on marketing positions, management positions, operational positions, engineering, sales, finance. , other. Follow the link below to give it a try.



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