The Best Type of Gloves for Any DIY Project

Many DIY projects require gloves, but what type of gloves you use affects not only the project, but your safety as well. So, Make magazine has compiled a list of which gloves are best for which projects.

Make suggestions revolve around what materials are in the project. Determining which gloves to use is quite simple:

  • If you are working in high temperatures, use welding or professional cooking gloves.
  • When it comes to oil or grease, avoid using natural rubber and use PVC or nitrile gloves instead.
  • If you are working with sharp edges, use Kevlar, leather, or cotton, depending on the amount of exposure.
  • If you are gardening or working with other organic material, use nitrile gloves.
  • If you are using any type of heavy equipment, do not use gloves at all.

This is a fairly simple set of security standards to keep in mind when you are working on many projects.

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