Remains of the Day: Amazon Prime Deal Is so Bad It Must Be an April Fool’s Joke

Amazon Prime deals are easy to find, and you can even get a month’s free sign up, but Sprint’s “bargain” for its customers is so bad it’s hard to justify it.

  • Sprint makes its members a trusted partner and offers them a special rate for Amazon Prime memberships ! Except that they are not making them any profit at all, because that rate is $ 11 per month. That means a Sprint subscriber will pay around $ 132 for a year of Prime, far more than Amazon’s own $ 99 a year subscription, with a free month to subscribe. It’s just … ugh . [The Verge]
  • In case you haven’t noticed, the Tesla Model 3 is the thing and arguably the vanguard in the world of affordable all-electric vehicles that, well, well, don’t have all of the traditional flaws and unusual look and feel of older electric models. … Whether you are on the train of hype about it or not, our friends at Jalopnik have everything they need . [Yalopnik]
  • No social network has seen such a meteoric rise lately as Snapchat, and Fortune notes that they’re not done yet – their goal is nothing less than complete social dominance, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it. This. [Luck]
  • The LG G5 was one of the first Android smartphones of the year to really get me excited, and now we have a new commercial to mark the launch of the phone featuring Jason Statham, well, Jason Statham, on the subway and on the streets of New York. York to a crazy remix by Levan Polkka. This is about as insane as you would expect. Watch it here on YouTube for an extraordinary evening. [Android Headers]


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