Most Viewed Posts This Week: March 25 to April 1

This week was dedicated to good old Microsoft. Their annual developer conference gave us a glimpse of what’s coming to Windows and other products later this year, and back on the farm we revisited their familiar and complex Office suite. Let’s take a look at the top posts of this week.

All the big things Microsoft announced today at Build 2016

Microsoft Build is always full of news about Windows, Office, Xbox and other Microsoft products, and Build 2016 was no exception. We’ve seen the latest Windows 10 update coming this summer, new features for Xbox One, and Windows Store updates. Here are the best new items we’ve seen.

How to master Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Word is by far the largest and most popular word processing program, but it does much more than just edit text and TPS reports. If you’ve told yourself that you will finally learn all the intricacies of Word, then now is the time to learn how to edit styles, add a table of contents, and more.

How to master Microsoft Office PowerPoint

PowerPoint allows you to quickly merge presentations, but slideshows can be dull and boring if you only know the basics. It’s time to learn how to customize templates, add animations and slide transitions, take notes on slides, and more.

How to master Microsoft Office Excel

Spreadsheets are a data-driven nerd’s dream. For most ordinary people, however, they are a complex mess. Fortunately, this is not necessary. Here’s how to bring data to your will with Microsoft Excel 2016.

How to master Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the de facto email and calendar client in most offices and helps you manage your tasks and notes. In addition to simply clicking the Send and Receive button, there are many more things you can do to improve your Outlook workflow, such as sharing your calendar, automatically filtering email messages, and more.

The Seven Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo offers us our first serious look at the future of the smart home. It’s not perfect, but if you’re thinking about getting an Echo, whether you hear people talking about “Alex” or aren’t sure what the one you have is capable of, here are some of the best things you can do with her. … …

Home renovations that cost less than $ 1,000 and can make your home more livable

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve your home. If you have $ 1,000 or less, you can upgrade your home to make it more aesthetic and functional.

Best times to buy a laptop in two charts

If you had to guess when is the best laptop deal, you would probably be right.

Seven Zen Stories That Can Open Your Mind

For centuries Zen masters have used fairy tales and koans or paradoxical riddles to help students realize their true nature. These stories are often perplexing and may seem meaningless, but think about them yourself and you can become wiser and more aware. Here are seven of our favorite Zen stories.

Wear headphones freely at work, speak intelligently in public, and watch the world’s hot dogs

Wear headphones in the office to keep your frown on, learn about northernmost land-based activities during the Civil War, learn how to sound smart when speaking in public, and more in this first installment of Lifehacker’s Monday Brain Buffet.

Can I boil an egg gently in a cup of hot coffee?

I can’t start the day until I drink my java, but I rarely have time to make breakfast. Perhaps there is a way to kill the first two birds with one stone. Today we are trying to cook both at the same time – in one cup.

Common Service Issues Not Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Buying your first home comes with a lot of surprises . While most buyers are willing to sign up for homeowner insurance, they often overestimate their coverage. There are a number of unexpected things that your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover, and in the event of an emergency, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Here are some common events not covered by your policy.

Essential Guide to Emergency Contraception Options

If a condom breaks, if you missed a pill, if you are assaulted, and you are worried that it might cause a baby, you may still have time to prevent this pregnancy. You have to act quickly (within a few days) and you have three options: an over-the-counter pill, a prescription pill, or a copper IUD. Any of these, if taken on time, can prevent pregnancy.

What to do if you have an itch on the road that you can’t scratch

The joy of travel is hard to deny; it’s a pretty ubiquitous favorite experience. Of course, this is also expensive, and it is not always easy to find the time for this. If you are anxious to go on a trip, but for the foreseeable future it is not, then here’s how you can do it in the meantime.

Cocktails for drinkers : affordable, even remotely artisanal cocktails

The craft cocktail movement has gotten a bit intense, and while I’m not complaining, many believe the whole thing has become a little precious thanks to infusions, fancy syrups and locally sourced herbal infusions. In Cocktails for Drinkers, author Jennifer McCartney gives you the guidelines you need to make a “good strong cocktail on the kitchen counter” without the mess.


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