Facebook Can Be As Important As LinkedIn for Job Searches

When you’re looking for a new job, you probably don’t go to Facebook at first. However, the largest social network can still be important for finding a new job. After all, everyone you know is here.

As business site Entrepreneur notes, Facebook’s role in helping people find jobs should come as no surprise. Every time you can connect with someone who works in your industry , that is another person who can potentially help you find a job. Research from Facebook itself shows that both strong and weak site connections can lead to job creation:

In a new article published in the Journal of Labor Economics , using anonymized aggregated US data based on the hiring start dates that people choose to list on their Facebook profiles, we find a seemingly conflicting set of results:

  1. Most people find work through one of their many weaker connections.
  2. An individual stronger bond is more likely to help than an individual weaker one.

How is this possible? Well, weak ties are important collectively because of their quantity, but strong ties are important individually because of their quality.

In other words, having a large number of Facebook friends, as well as regularly interacting with several people, can increase your chances of finding a job. Simply put, Facebook is a social network, and connecting with your social group is amazing for more jobs.

How Strong and Weak Connections Help Find a Job | Facebook research through an entrepreneur


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