Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

Best antivirus app for Windows

There are more antivirus programs in Windows than we can count, and none of them are perfect. We recommend Avira right now because it is the best balance between security, ease of use, and cost.

Kodi 16 brings long press support for TV remotes, an improved add-on manager, and more

Kodi, one of our two favorite home theater apps , has been updated to version 16 with a few useful new features. This includes a very comfortable long press on the TV remote control.

NetSpot, a free Wi-Fi mapping and troubleshooting app, is included with Windows

Windows: NetSpot is a wonderful OS X utility for displaying Wi-Fi networks , finding bad reception areas and troubleshooting how to fix them, and is now available for Windows. Best of all, it’s still completely free.

Mailbox disconnects, try these free alternatives

Today, everyone’s favorite hip little mail app, Mailbox, is shutting down for good. Unlike most apps, you won’t be able to use the Mailbox app at all when it does. Thankfully, a lot has happened since Mailbox shook the email market when it launched, and there are other apps out there that can do much of what Mailbox did before, arguably better.

Use Greenify’s Aggressive Snooze Mode to Conserve Even More Battery on Android

Android ( 6.0+ ): The nap mode on Android Marshmallow is a miracle that can boost your device’s battery by a ton when it hasn’t moved for a long time. Greenify can further increase these savings.

FLIO lists everything you need to know about an airport in one app

iOS / Android: The FLIO app helps you navigate airports around the world and find information on how to get between terminals with showers, ATMs and charging stations.

WhatsApp Launches Official Beta Channel on Google Play Store

Android: The mega-popular messenger WhatsApp has its own beta program for a long time. However, it is much easier to join us now. Just sign up for the beta version of the Play Store and you will always have the latest version.

Microsoft Hub keyboard quickly copies information from other apps, no app switching required

Android: It’s quite difficult to switch from the app you are in just to get some information in another embed app. Microsoft’s new Android keyboard, called the Hub Keyboard, removes this inconvenience and also includes a translation tool.

Spark arrives on iPad and gets new color schemes on iPhone

iOS: Spark is one of the best email clients for iOS, and it has arrived on the iPad today along with several other new features for both versions.

Todoist for Mac and iPhone updates with quick shortcuts, more accurate dates and more

OS X / iOS: Todoist is one of our favorite business apps , and today the Mac and iPhone versions have received big updates to make them easier to use. Mac app updates make it easier to add and schedule tasks, while iPhone version updates take advantage of 3D Touch in iOS 9 and other features.

Google Send from Gmail extension for fast email link exchange

Chrome: This might be the fastest way to share links with others. Just click the Send from Gmail (via Google) button and a new email will be prepared for you with the title of the web page as the subject and the link in the body.

Runtastic Results Adds 12 Week Training Program, More Videos

Android / iOS: When we last shared the results of Runtastic , it offered a single 12-week training program. The app has now been updated to add an extra course in case you have completed it.


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