Listen With Your Eyes, Ears and Gut to Avoid Misunderstandings

You probably know that listening is an important part of effective communication, but so is the way you listen. Real listening is more than just listening.

In this animation from YouTube’s TED-Ed channel, Katherine Hampsten explains how misunderstandings happen and gives some helpful tips on how to avoid them in your day-to-day life. Misunderstanding can often be due to the fact that someone does not listen to someone else, even if he heard what was being said. If you want to listen better, you need to listen not only with your ears, but also with your eyes when someone speaks. Communication is more than just words, and you will be able to grasp what is really being expressed if you give your full attention to whoever is talking to you. As you listen, look at their body language and facial expressions and use your instinct to better understand what they are really saying. Correct listening is a whole body exercise.

How Misunderstandings Occur (and How to Avoid) – Katherine Hampsten | Youtube


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