Wear Lighter Colors to Accentuate Thin Frames

If you’re tired of being confused with a skeleton, light-colored clothing and certain patterns can help fill in and emphasize your figure.

Robert van Tongeren of the Restart Your Style blog in The Art of Masculinity offers an easy way to make your lean figure less durable and fragile: wear lighter colors. If you want to look fuller, colors such as white, beige, or pastels can help. Lighter colors will help accentuate your muscle shape and definition, and it will help you look a little fuller. Patterns such as horizontal stripes and fine tartan patterns such as fine tartan, check charts, and torn fabric can also help. And don’t be fooled by the source, these tips can be helpful for both men and women. Of course, if you’re trying to look slimmer, you need to do the opposite of these tips. You can find more at the link below.

6 Style Tips For A Skinny Guy | The art of masculinity


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