Take One of These Free Online Courses, Loosely Related to This Year’s Oscars

We love two things: movies and free online courses. edX has combined the two in this roundup of courses that tackle the themes of 2016 Oscar-nominated films.

For example, for “The Martian,” you will learn how space travel works with the courses ” Exploration of Space Rocket” and ” Human Space Flight” . For Straight Outta Compton, consider Berkeley’s Introduction to the Music Industry and MIT’s Creativity and Entrepreneurship . For The Revenant, edX invites you to become a resilient person .

Although these courses do not help you catch up with themselves the nominees for the “Oscar” , they are interesting in themselves and may possibly add more depth to the view for the “Oscar”.

See all offers at the link below.

Thank Academics: Oscar Night with MOOCs | edX


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