Give Any Drink a Smoky Flavor and Appearance by Mixing a Smoked Shake

You’ve probably eaten fatty, aromatic smoked meats before, but now you can have the same flavor in your favorite cocktails. Also, when you pour and serve, it will look like a magic elixir for smoking.

The Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel is back for more fun mixing cocktails than drinking . This time you will learn how to properly “smoke” a cocktail. You will need an airtight clear bottle (he uses an empty whiskey bottle), some wood to smoke (an apple, cherry, or hickory), and all the ingredients and tools you will need for a cocktail (he does old-fashioned in this video). Start burning a piece of wood so that it catches fire. As soon as it ignites, extinguish the flame and place the bottle on a tree to catch the smoke. When the bottle is full of smoke, close it. Now stir the cocktail, pour it into a smoke-filled bottle and shake. After a few seconds, pour the cocktail into the glass to be served and watch the smoke come out with it, settling in and around the glass.

Cocktail Chemistry – Smoked Cocktail | Youtube


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