Exchange Your Old Baby Gear at Toys R Us for Discount Coupons

Kids’ gear and furniture aren’t cheap , but you can recoup some of the costs and turn used items into Toys R Us for 25% off during their annual Big Exchange event. If you’ll shop there anyway, this is a great way to get rid of the clutter and get a discount, or just get rid of the clutter.

Toys R Us launches the program for about a month each year, starting in late January or early February (the event ends on February 29 this year). Of course, this is a way for Toys “R” Us to get you to buy new gear or toys from them and not another vendor, but if their exchange coupons give you a lower price than you would have spent anywhere else, then give your the used baby equipment is worth it. Plus, if your baby is in their first year or older, you can use coupons from their old baby items to buy new items that are age-appropriate.

You get one coupon (25% off in store) for every item you exchange, and you can only use one coupon for every full price item you purchase, but you can exchange multiple items. Qualifying items include baby cots, car seats, bassinets, strollers, high chairs, baby swings, sun loungers, road systems, walkers, entertainment and playgrounds. For more information and coupon restrictions, visit the Great Exchange Event page below.

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