Clean Regularly to Reduce the Size of Your Life and Save Money

You don’t need most of your shit. I usually say “probably” there, but for most people this is a win-win. Instead of organizing annual criminal activities , do a lifestyle cleanup from time to time to save money and get rid of the clutter.

As the personal finance site Money Ning points out, no one needs to tell us how to improve our lives. This happens the moment you get extra money or find a new job. It just happens. To keep your budget manageable and a clutter-free home, you need to deliberately pursue a reduction mission from time to time:

Look at all your expenses. You like what you see. Is there any real reason for the expense other than the fact that you have the funds at the moment? It also helps you understand if you need what you are buying, or even want it. The first step to deflation of lifestyles is to cut down on unnecessary expenses and stop buying things and experiences you don’t really care about …

Another important step towards cutting back on your lifestyle is getting rid of the clutter in your life. It may be time to clean out the garage, attic and all the nooks and crannies where various items have been hiding for years. If you haven’t used something and it has been in the box for years, it might be time to get rid of the item. You can arrange a sale (and get some extra money), donate to charity (and get a tax deduction), or donate your belongings to family and friends who may need them (and feel good about helping someone else).

Shrinking your life isn’t just about cutting costs here or there. Getting rid of the crap you don’t need means you can afford to live in less space, which means you can cut your bills. Fewer going out (compared to staying at home) reduces your entertainment spending. In the end, downsizing becomes a worldview. However, in the beginning, you may need to declare, say, a twelve hour period during which all rules regarding what you simply cannot get rid of are temporarily suspended. Then go through the house, getting rid of unnecessary garbage, bills and expenses.

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