Set Yourself a 20-Minute Timer to Ease Awkward Social Activities

Going to an event where you don’t know anyone sucks, but sometimes you need to, for example for networking events or work functions, where you need to be “seen”. Set a 20-minute timer on your phone upon arrival. Knowing that the clock is ticking will make you feel more comfortable and scared off if you are still uncomfortable with the phone vibrating in your pocket.

This is not a way out of the situation, but chances are that by the time your 20-minute timer expires, you will be relaxed enough to stay a little longer, or out of the initial awkwardness anyway. You can use those 20 minutes to have a drink, look around, and talk to a few people you already know or who look interesting. Knowing that you’ve allowed yourself to leave after 20 minutes can reduce your initial anxiety and help you relax. Even if you end up leaving when your timer runs out, you will at least beat the rounds and give the event a chance.

You can do it: How to get to an event where you don’t recognize anyone | Apartment therapy


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